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Powermax Repairs by Mike the Boilerman - Gas Safe Registered technician located on Berkshire/Wiltshire border. Call or text me on: 07866 766364

About me/Contact me:

My phone number is 07866 766364.


Incoming phone calls usually go straight to voicemail as I get so many and its hard to get anything done if I keep answering the phone, but you can leave me a message. Texting usually gets a quicker response as I can conduct multiple text conversations in the time it takes to have one phone conversation. I am on WhatsApp if you need to use it to send photos free of charge, but I don’t accept WhatsApp phone calls and WhatsApp has no voicemail facility (oddly). 

I live in a small village just west of Hungerford, Berkshire. I’m happy to travel quite long distances but I charge for my time, including my time spent travelling so the further away you are from Hungerford, the more a visit might cost.

I consider myself semi-retired now, partly as a result of needing to limit the number of new people I come into contact with due to coronavirus, but I still mend at least one boiler most days of the week. 

Even if you are way too far away for me to visit I’m happy to give whatever advice I can, by text message or email. Text works best as these come straight to my phone whereas I have to log in to see my emails, which I may not do for a day or two.

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