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Powermax Repairs by Mike the Boilerman - Gas Safe Registered technician located on Berkshire/Wiltshire border. Call or text me on: 07866 766364

Travelling policy:

I live in the rural village of Bedwyn, about 30 miles west of Reading, Berkshire. I’m happy to travel quite long distances (up to 90 minutes each way) but I charge for my time, including my time spent travelling so the further away you are, the more a visit might cost. 90 minutes covers places such as Bristol, Banbury, Amersham, Watford, Guildford, Portsmouth and Bournemouth.

Even if you are way too far away for me to visit I’m happy to give whatever advice I can, by text message or email. Text works best as these come straight to my phone whereas I have to log in to see my emails, which I may not do for a day or two.

If you’re more than 90 minutes away:

I occasionally make trips to people more than 90 minutes away but only on the express agreement that should a return visit be necessary during the guarantee period (e.g. should a component fail) the time for any return visit remains chargeable whatever the cause or the circumstances. So to clarify, the replacement for the failed component itself will not be charged for, but the visit to install it will be chargeable. I appreciate for most people this is probably unacceptable so I don’t normally offer this option but if you are more than 90 minutes away, feel free to ask for more details. 

London visits:

Most of London is beyond my 90 minute each way maximum travelling distance anyway so you are probably out of reach. However, if you are still within 90 minutes of the village of Bedwyn on the Wiltshire/Berkshire border, due to parking difficulty in London I’ll require there to be a parking space belonging to you which I can use. I’ll also require a valid Visitor Permit to display in my van windscreen if your parking space is within a controlled parking area.

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